Executive Recruiter Cover Letter

Here is the Executive Recruiter Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Pearman,

I am putting myself forward in hopes of obtaining the Executive Recruiter position at your company. I know that my managerial skills when coupled with my ability to manage relationships with both firms and agencies would make me a perfect fit for this company as well as being an asset to Creative Solutions Services.

I have attached my resume to this letter of introduction but would like to summarize the highlights of my career for your convenience:

I have been recruiting for more than fifteen years with the last five years being dedicated to the executive end of the industry.

My skills include the ability to source resumes and interview candidates in order to learn their potential and where they would fit in with our clients.

I also have the ability to research the competition and to find likely clients for those who are looking for a position.

I know that it takes more than just a good fit to get a prospective candidate hired. For this reason, I know that I would be a strong team leader and that I would be beneficial to Creative Solutions Services.

I feel it would be in both our best interests to find the time to meet and further discuss our mutual needs. I can be reached at (012)-345-6789 or emailed at [email@resumetemplate.ca]


Your Signature

Philip Vila

Enclosure: Resume