Expeditor Cover Letter

Here is the Expeditor Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Ortiz,

I am applying for the Expeditor position with Edgen Group Inc. and the attached resume includes complete details of my credentials but here are a few of the highlights.

I have an associate degree in business management and experience working as an order clerk. Holding this position has taught me how to read purchase orders and I acquired the skills to monitor the shipping schedules to make sure all orders went out on time. My experience also includes receiving shipments and keeping detailed records of all incoming and outgoing inventory.

I have experience using computers with extensive knowledge of inventory management software. I can accurately track and record all orders coming in or going out and place all incoming merchandise in inventory until needed. I am detailed orientated, possess excellent math skills and I have the ability to stay organized while keeping up with several different jobs at once.

I have the skills to inspect delivers to ensure they meet the standards of the company and that you receive the right quantity and quality. I have the ability to ensure all materials arrive at their destination on time to keep business running smoothly and to help reduce downtime.

I have an outgoing personality and outstanding communication skills that will help eliminate misunderstandings. I will stay in close contact with suppliers and project leaders to handle any issues that arise fast and efficiently. I have the knowledge, training and skills to purchase the right materials for your company and to make sure they arrive on time.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to arrange an interview.


Susan Cummings

Susan Cummings

Resume Attached as MS Word Document