Facilities Coordinator Cover Letter

Here is the Facilities Coordinator Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Yang,

As my resume indicates, I have extensive experience in the role of Facilities Coordinator; and would like to apply for your position today. This is why I have included my resume.

I have roughly approximately six years of professional experience as a Facilities Coordinator, and have worked these last years at the top of my game at Auto Services. This position has required long days and the ability to work at a moment’s notice. It has required diplomacy, versatility, and interpersonal skills. I have all of this, as well as an advanced degree from Bennington College in Business Management. I realize your expectations for this position are high, and I assure you that I meet all of them.

I would like to prove this to you in a possible interview, arranged by you. Could you please contact me at your convenience at (012)-345-6789? Thanks for your consideration, and I look forward to discussing my resume and background further with you.


Your Signature

Dennis Tyler

Enclosure: Resume