Fashion Journalist Cover Letter

Here is the Fashion Journalist Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Taylor,

I am submitting my resume in the hopes of obtaining a Fashion Journalist position with your company. I know that my fashion forward sense and my writing ability would make me a beneficial part of your publication and would be an asset to the readers of Numerous Publications.

I would like to offer a brief history of my past qualifications and experience for your convenience:

I have worked in the journalism industry for more than eight years with the highlights of being in the fashion niche for nearly five of those years.

Writing is my passion second only to fashion and I enjoy seeing the new trends that are coming out and offering the readers my honest opinion on them.

I tend to be more specific than judgmental when writing in order to allow the readers to make up their own mind about what trends they like and those that they may not.

I know that it is important for any journalist to be concise in their writing. For the reason, I know that I would be a positive contributor to Numerous Publications.

I can be reached to schedule a meeting time by calling (012)-345-6789 or by emailing [] I know that this meeting would be beneficial to both of us.



Darren Leary

Encl: Resume