Film Director Cover Letter

Here is the Film Director Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Lee,

With reference to your latest advertisement in New York Times, I present my resume for your Film Director position. You will find a resume attached to this letter, with details on productions I have directed.

With a degree in Film Direction from Bethel College, I began my career in 1993. After working the first three years as a Film Director Assistant, I gained the position of Film Director at Twentieth Century Television. During my time there, I was responsible for a handful of successful films to include the following: The Dark Knight, Saving Private Ryan, Avatar, and The Terminator. I am excellent at pulling creative talents and technical professionals together to create films that are Oscar worthy in my genre. I know I can offer the same high level of standard to your production company.

I would to talk to you more about the films at your company that I have enjoyed, as well as offer more details on my experience. Call me on my cell phone at (012)-345-6789 as soon as possible.



Valerie Kang

Encl: Resume