Fire Chief Cover Letter

Here is the Fire Chief Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Langley,

I am submitting my resume for consideration of your Fire Chief position. I found this position advertised on, and was also recommended by a colleague to this position. I ask that you consider the enclosed qualification to learn more about my background, and why I am a great fit for your department.

I have worked as a Fire Chief for the city of Oak Brook, IL for the last nine years, and in that time, have successfully answered thousands of calls in which fire rescue and protocol was required. As you will learn by asking around, I have an impeccable safety record, and have great leadership skills. I am the go to expert on all fire related dangers, and can solve problems that involve gas leaks, fire, and other dangerous conditions in which anyone might be involved.

I would love to come down and tour your station. I have recently moved to your area, and know this would be a perfect fit for your background. Please give me a call at (012)-345-6789 to schedule a time that suits you.


Stanton Whitman

Stanton Whitman

Resume Attached as MS Word Document