Fishing Cover Letter

Here is the Fishing Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Amber Hobbs,

I am seeking a position with a commercial Fishing crew.

I started fishing at a young age and became very skilled at it, so pursuing a career in commercial fishing is the perfect choice for me. I worked for a fishing company in Agrium, Inc. for a couple of years to gain experience spending long hours at a time on the water and to learn more about this industry. My experience also includes using various fishing techniques and I have the ability to learn new methods quickly.

I understand what it takes to be a professional fisherman and over the years have acquired extensive knowledge of the different types of fish sought after commercially in this area. This includes the perfect time to fish, the best baits to use and the methods that normally work the best for each species.

My friendly and easygoing personality helps create a good environment for the entire crew when spending long hours on the water. I have excellent communication skills with the ability to follow orders, support the rest of the crew and to do my fair share of the work and beyond when necessary.

I am physically fit and have the stamina needed to perform the duties associated with fishing commercially. I am dependable and work hard to accomplish my goals and traveling or working long hours to complete the job is not a problem.

If you have a position available, please call (012)-345-6789 to arrange an interview so we can discuss the details.



Julie French

Encl: Resume