Fitness Consultant Cover Letter

Here is the Fitness Consultant Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Kimberly Varley,

I am applying for the Fitness Consultant position with Gold’s Gym and I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and expertise with your clients.

Fitness is a vital part of a healthy body and I have the skills to help clients achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. I am versatile enough to work with different clients while creating an exercise and diet plan that meet their specific needs. Therefore, I can provide services for clients that want to train to be a professional athlete or those who simply need to lose weight.

I get along great with people and I know how to ask those personal questions in a way that is not insulting or embarrassing. This is very important in building a relationship with the clients that is based on trust. I also have the ability to work with the clients to make sure they know how to perform the exercises correctly and to monitor their diet plan.

I have the training to conduct consultations to both individuals and groups. I can also provide educational material that will help clients understand how certain foods affect their bodies and which ones can help them reach their goals. I have an associate degree in nutrition and I have first aid and CPR certifications. I enjoy helping others find the right combination of diet and exercise to help them accomplish their fitness goals.

You can reach me for an interview by calling (012)-345-6789 and I hope to meet with you soon.


Your Signature

Roger Holcomb

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