Food Scientist Cover Letter

Here is the Food Scientist Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Moser,

These documents are being submitted for the purpose of applying for the Food Scientist position with your company. I know that my background in chemistry as well as my experience with food safety techniques would make me a great candidate for this position and if hired, I would be a benefit to ConAgra Foods.

To summarize, my qualifications and particular skill set is listed below and shows how I can benefit your company:

I have more than sixteen years working in the food sciences and I bring an attention to detail that surpasses most.

My background includes helping to come up with new preservation methods and packaging to keep food fresher longer.

Through my studies, I have found those foods that claim to be beneficial to health and have either proved these statements to be truth or falsehoods.

This industry is very important for the health of the people who are eating the food and this is why I take this position very seriously. I know that I can bring a quality to ConAgra Foods that is second to none.

I would be happy to sit down and discuss further my background in order to offer a more in depth view of my skills. I can be contacted by phone at (012)-345-6789 or through email at []


Your Signature

Ricky Williams

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