Franchise Cover Letter

Here is the Franchise Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Grace Geissler,

I am seeking a position in the franchise industry with your company Regis Corporation and would like to be considered. Attached you will find my resume for your perusal.

With my bachelor’s degree in business, I feel that I would be a great addition to your company and that my skills and abilities would be a true asset. My experience spans six years in a business aspect and I have learned great communication and leadership skills with my previous employer. This experience has also allowed me to provide strategic direction and accountability for brand integrity, to drive franchise sales and to keep in contractual compliance while building a strong working relationship with all franchises.

I can flawlessly execute all company initiative while cultivating a favorable business relationship with all contacts within the franchise platform and with the management team. There would be no problem with me taking on the responsibility for growth of the base business using all tools available. This includes educating all franchise owners on the products, processes and quality of the end product. This includes helping those franchises that are facing closure to attain the standards set to keep their location from being cut.

My computer skills are flawless and this enables to me to ensure that all reports are presented on time and correctly along with working with all in house software packages. I am proficient with all Microsoft Office applications.

If you are interested in speaking to me further, I can be reached by calling (012)-345-6789.


John Morton

John Morton

Resume Attached as MS Word Document