Fraud Investigator Cover Letter

Here is the Fraud Investigator Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Crum,

I would like to be considered for the Fraud Investigator position at your company and I have offered my documents to you for your perusal. I know that I can bring my curious nature and my attention to detail to this company in order to get to the bottom of any issue that arises at Ally Financial.

A summary of my history will show the ways that I can be essential to your company I offer:

I have worked in investigations for more than fifteen years and I know that I can bring a fresh approach to each case.

My investigative skills include camera work as well as field work which may include more hours than a normal nine to five day job would entail.

I firmly believe that every case I work on can potentially save the company money and I know that this is important to the company. I will go to any length to either prove or disprove a case for the benefit of Ally Financial.

I am interested in setting up a meeting to discuss in more depth the qualities and qualifications that I would bring to this company. Feel free to contact me at (012)-345-6789 or email me at [] in order to set up a time to meet.



Wendy Billiot

Encl: Resume