Freelance Web Designer Cover Letter

Here is the Freelance Web Designer Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Melvin,

I am applying for the Freelance Web Designer position with Haken Solutions and my qualifications match the requirements in your posting perfectly.

I started out playing around with web design by creating my own website and by helping friends redesign theirs. When I saw I had a real talent for web designing, I pursued a career in this profession by earning a Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Interactive Media degree.

My courses revolved around webpage scripting, digital imaging, databases and multimedia. I have acquired a great understanding of computer programming and knowledge of the design tools, techniques and programs used in web designing. I also have over four years of experience working as a professional web designer.

I have experience working with every aspect of a website starting with the layout design. I will determine the technical requirements based on the content and other features the site contains. I can solve any code problems that arise and guarantee that your site is functioning correctly. I also have some experience working with animation.

I have the ability to communicate efficiently by listening carefully to what clients are searching for in a design and by following directions to the letter. I am flexible enough to make changes when necessary and I can help clients keep their websites updated and maintained once launched. I have the skills to provide you with quality web designs while meeting tight deadlines.

My contact number is (012)-345-6789 and I hope to meet with you soon to talk more about my credentials and the requirements of this position.


Your Signature

Jeffrey Holland

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