Front Desk Officer Cover Letter

Here is the Front Desk Officer Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Marion Gore,

I am very interested in the Front Desk Officer position at Casa Monica Hotel.

I have two years of experience working part time as a doorman for a very prestigious hotel and my duties were very similar to the requirements of this position. When guests first arrive at a hotel, they expect to be greeted right away and they often need assistance with their luggage or even directions to their rooms.

I have the knowledge and people skills to perform the duties associated with this job efficiently and in a manner that lives up to your reputation of being one of the friendliest and most proficient hotels in the area. I have the ability to welcome the guests to the hotel, assist with their luggage and to answer any questions they may have. During their stay, I can make suggestions on where to dine or provide information about the different activities taking place within the area.

If needed, I can also fill in for the front desk clerk to check guests in and out of the hotel. I also have the ability to monitor the property and to help maintain a safe environment. If problems arise or if something suspicious takes place, I can handle it immediately and appropriately based on the situation. I have the skills to learn and follow all hotel policies and procedures and I always put customer satisfaction at the top of the priority list.

I have a lot to offer your hotel and you contact me for an interview by calling (012)-345-6789.



Glenn Seward

Encl: Resume