Game Designer Cover Letter

Here is the Game Designer Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Woodard,

During my online research, I found your open Game Designer position; and was very excited at the prospect. I have just the experience you require in your advertisement, and am looking forward to telling you why I am the best fit for this position.

I have an advanced degree in Gaming and Game Design, and have worked the past three years as a Game Designer for Disney Interactive Media Group. To this end, I have worked as supervisor for the designing department as well as designed and implemented a number of successful games for sale, such as Playdom Gear, Vordonia, and Overdrive. I am a team player and work fast. I am dedicated to the best in quality games.

Please get in touch with me to discuss this position further. My phone number is: (012)-345-6789, and the best time to contact me is after 5pm. Thanks for your time.


Your Signature

Sandra Young

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