General Accountant Cover Letter

Here is the General Accountant Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Brooks,

I am applying for the General Accountant position with your company and know that I can bring many great qualities to BOSTON Finance. I know that my background in accounting along with my willingness to go the extra mile for my employer would be held in high regard should I be chosen for this position.

The following is a sample of my experience and skills that I would offer your company:

I have more than seven years experience working in an accounting department and have covered every aspect of it.

My experience includes time spent in accounts payable, accounts received and the payroll department.I know that my wide ranging skills make me a great addition to any company that I am working for.

Accounting is more than just working with numbers as there are many other aspects to the position. For this reason, I know that my skills would be put to great use by your company and that I would be an asset to BOSTON Finance as well as to the team I am working with.

I would enjoy the chance to speak with you in person in order to further explain my qualifications that brought me to apply with your company. I can be reached at (012)-345-6789 or emailed at []



Matthew Hartnett

Encl: Resume