GIS Specialist Cover Letter

Here is the GIS Specialist Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Mukai,

The documents offered here are in order to put myself forward for the GIS Specialist position with your company. I know that my skills with the computer and mapping would be an asset to your company and that I would be a vital part of the team at Insight Global.

The information below is summary of my experience that will illustrate the ways that I can be vital to your company, I offer:

My education includes a degree in Geography and I have over ten years experience in converting hard data into computerized GPS information.

I am fully capable of going out into the field to conduct surveys and know that I may have to travel if hired for this position.

There are many different computer programs that are used in the industry and I have kept myself current with all of the software upgrades.

It takes a full team in order for companies in this industry to be successful. For this reason, I know that I would bring an enthusiasm for the job to Insight Global.

I am anticipating the time when I can meet with you to further expand on my background and experience. Feel free to call me at any time at (012)-345-6789 or by emailing []



Wayne Simpson

Encl: Resume