Head Chef Cover Letter

Here is the Head Chef Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Fonville,

I am the applicant that you described in your current advertisement for a Head Chef with your restaurant. You will find my resume attached for perusal at your convenience. I know that I would be a welcome addition to the staff in your kitchen because of my motivational and culinary skills.

I have been working in restaurants since graduating from culinary school more than ten years ago with more than six years experience in the head chef capacity. I know that my particular way with putting new foods together and my unique culinary style would be well received by your clientele. My other strong skills are the ability to communicate and deal with vendors as well as keeping staff on task.

I know that a successful kitchen needs all parts to run smoothly. For this reason, I know that I would be an asset to your restaurant and would bring in more clientele with my point of view and healthy menu. I would like to set up a time to further discuss my background and what I would bring to the restaurant. I can be reached to schedule this meeting by calling (012)-345-6789 or by emailing [email@resumetemplate.ca] Thank you for your time and consideration.


Amy Truett

Amy Truett

Resume Attached as MS Word Document