Head Waiter Cover Letter

Here is the Head Waiter Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Miller,

I am applying for the position of Head Waiter with Morgans Hotel Group.

I have three years of experience holding this position in a well-established restaurant in the area. I enjoy my job and work for a great company but I am ready to move into a more demanding position with a larger restaurant chain, where I can put the skills I have acquired to better use.

My job duties include doing the hiring and training the staff for the restaurant and when necessary, I terminate staff members whose performance is not meeting company’s standards. I also create the schedules and assign the shift duties. I supervise the staff members to make sure everyone is doing their jobs and to offer assistance when needed.

I am responsible for making reservations and I keep up with the number of seats available at all times during the shift to avoid overbooking. I keep things organized and updated for other shifts so there is no room for misunderstandings that could result in poor customer service. When customers do have a problem, I am quick to respond and look for a solution that will leave them with a smile.

I personally greet and escort guests to their seats where I take the opportunity to make them aware of the night’s specials. I always provide fast, friendly service with a smile and I monitor the staff to make sure they do the same.

I hope to meet with you soon for an interview. My contact number is (012)-345-6789.



Christal Fortin

Encl: Resume