Health And Safety Officer Cover Letter

Here is the Health And Safety Officer Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Villareal,

I am the Health and Safety Officer you need at HazTek Inc. I have the training and experience to ensure a safe working environment for your employees.

I have a bachelor’s degree in environmental health, I attended an awareness course and I have earned my NEBOSH General Certificate. I can take care of the safety issues within your company allowing you time to concentrate on other important issues.

I have extensive knowledge of all the local, state and federal laws pertaining to the health and safety for employees. I have the training to inspect the facility and conduct audits to look for health hazards, so I have the ability to point out safety violations or concerns.

I will assess the safety risks found, report the issue and recommend a solution to correct the problems. This way, you can take care of them immediately before they become a major issue. I will create and implement procedures and policies to help make the workplace safer and then follow up to enforce these rules.

I can train employees on how to avoid accidents and how to recognize a potential health and safety issue so they will be more aware of their surroundings. I can set up and execute drills to ensure all equipment is functioning correctly and that everyone knows exactly what to do in the event of an accident.

I stay updated on all the latest news and information that is relevant to this position, so I can pass this information on to the company and its employees. In the event of an accident or emergence, I will respond quickly and efficiently to investigate to find the cause of the problem and correct it immediately.

Please call (012)-345-6789 for an interview.


Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith

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