Health Education Cover Letter

Here is the Health Education Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Miriam Brown,

I would like to apply for the opening in your health education department at your company National Health Services, Inc. In consideration of this position, I have attached my resume, credentials and a list of references for your convenience and perusal.

I currently hold a bachelor’s degree in health education and have worked in the industry for over ten years. In that time, I have gained many skills and have had many tasks which included developing a programming calendar and coordinating with departments to prevent an overlap in scheduling. I also developed and updated the Student Health Services mission and planned strategies and attended continuing education programs and offered the staff opportunities for education and certification.

It was also my responsibility to hire, train and evaluate all students in peer health education programs

and to develop and communicate visiting health faculty schedules for content and location. This included the collection and management of data and reviewing the program results and methodologies along with supporting health data analysis, presentations and grant writing. Other tasks included developing, executing and reviewing member incentive offers to improve disease condition.

I also designed and coordinated health education materials’ production and executed nationwide corporate wellness programs, health screenings and immunizations. If necessary I am also able to handle program tracking systems for budget management and productivity and can communicate with clinical and non-clinical staff to inform them on health education services available for patients.

Please feel free to contact me at any time by calling (012)-345-6789 in order to set up an interview.


Ellen Laine

Ellen Laine

Resume Attached as MS Word Document