Hotel Front Desk Clerk Cover Letter

Here is the Hotel Front Desk Clerk Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Mary Hadnot,

I am very interested in the position of Hotel Front Desk Clerk with Colwen Hotel Management.

For the last three years, I have worked as a retail cashier. I have learned much about providing excellent customer service and I know how important first impressions are to any business. I also took classes on conflict resolution so I have the skills to resolve disagreements in a fast and satisfactory fashion. This course taught me how to deal with upset or angry guests in a polite but firm manner that will prevent the problem from escalating into a bad scene.

I am interested in pursuing a career in the hotel industry and this position would be the perfect start for me. I do plan to acquire a degree in hospitality but in meantime, securing this job would be a great step in achieving my career goal. In addition to my customer service experience, here are a few of the skills relevant to the position that I believe makes me an excellent candidate for this job.

I have lots of patience when working with the public and a pleasant attitude that helps to create a friendly environment where people feel welcomed. I am familiar with computers and a variety of different programs and I have the ability to learn any system quickly.

I have the ability to follow detailed directions and I possess strong problem solving skills. I am a hard worker who is dedicated and willing to help in all areas of the hotel when needed and I am a great match for this position.

My contact number is (012)-345-6789


John Robichaud

John Robichaud

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