Hydrogeologist Cover Letter

Here is the Hydrogeologist Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Cox,

I am applying for a Hydrogeologist position with Thornhill Group, Inc. and I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to work for your organization.

I have acquired a master’s degree in geosciences and I have completed an internship where I gained valuable knowledge in this field. I have experience conducting research and determining which methods will be the most effective based on the project at hand. I have extensive knowledge of all the tools and instruments used in the lab and out in the field. In addition, I know how to maintain and calibrate the equipment to keep it in excellent working condition.

I have exceptional communication skills with the ability to pay close attention to the recommendations and suggestions that other professionals make. I also possess excellent critical thinking, negotiating, time management and decision making skills. I am very perceptive and I have the ability to apply my educational background to real life situations.

I have outstanding writing skills with the ability to document my findings in a clear and concise manner and the verbal skills to communicate this information to other professionals. I also have the ability to help estimate the cost of projects and determine where and how to spend the money to achieve the best results.

I attend conferences and similar events to stay updated on the information associated with this profession and I am flexible enough to work in the laboratory or out in the field. I am ready to put my training and skills to work for you.

You can reach me at (012)-345-6789 for an interview.


Clara Edwards

Clara Edwards

Resume Attached as MS Word Document