Independent Contractor Cover Letter

Here is the Independent Contractor Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Schilling,

I was just on your website and noticed that you have an opening for an Independent Contractor listed that I am interested in filling. It takes a special person in order to work independently and I know that I can bring the professional work that your company is seeking. I have attached my resume for your consideration and to illustrate how I would be beneficial to your company.

I have been working as an independent contractor for more than ten years now and I know that I can bring a strong work ethic to your projects. Not only am I available for this project, but I can supply an entire team if need be. I have many satisfied clients who would be willing to offer you a reference upon request.

It can be hard for a company to trust a new contractor and I would go to any length to gain your trust. I am bonded and have all the credentials needed to fulfill the objectives of this project. I feel it would be in both of our interests to meet and have a face to face discussion. I can be reached by calling (012)-345-6789 or you can email me at [] I can meet you at your earliest convenience.


Your Signature

Victoria Shelton

Enclosure: Resume