Indexer Cover Letter

Here is the Indexer Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Frazier,

I was looking at the wanted ads in the Oregonian and was thrilled to see that you had an opening in my niche. I am interested in applying for the Indexer position and have attached my resume in order to do so. I know that I can bring the skills that you are seeking for this job and appreciate your consideration.

My experience comes with close to eight years indexing manuscripts and magazines in order to make it easier for the readers to navigate. I know that this position takes incredible organizational skills in order to get an entire publication put together properly and to have the correct indexing for it. This is why I was excited to see that you listed this position as there are not many openings in my field.

It takes a team to get any book or publication from the organizational stages to the completed and published work. I would be a valued member of the team at your company for this reason. I bring a level of enthusiasm for my work that is unparalleled.

It would be great if we could get together and discuss your needs and my ability to fulfill them. I know that this would be in both of our interests. You can call me at any time at (012)-345-6789 or emailed at []



Tommy Fontenot

Encl: Resume