Innovation Manager Cover Letter

Here is the Innovation Manager Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Winkler,

I am writing to apply for the Innovation Manager position with Star Technologies.

I have a bachelor’s degree in arts and four years of experience working as a graphic designer where I used my creativity to construct graphs, images and logos. I also have experience performing administrative duties such as developing plans, creating reports, recording information and supervising staff members. I also have excellent marketing skills with the ability to create ads that grabs the attention of the targeted audience, generating interest in your company.

I have the ability to gather ideas and suggestions from co-workers and other sources and then to determine which ones have the most value for the company. I then have the vision to turn these ideas into working plans that will increase profit and help your company meet your short and long-term goals.

I have very strong communication and active listening skills with the ability to make presentations and explain projects to clients and upper management. I have the ability to undertake multiple projects, adhere to a tight schedule and I can adapt to a changing environment without losing focus on the job at hand.

I have exceptional time management skills and the ability to use good judgment when making decisions. I have the training and experience to help your company expand and stay one-step ahead of the competition by implementing fresh, new ideas to make your company stand out.

You can contact me at (012)-345-6789 to arrange for an interview where we can discuss the particulars of this job in more detail.


Walter Gorman

Walter Gorman

Resume Attached as MS Word Document