Insurance Customer Service Representative Cover Letter

Here is the Insurance Customer Service Representative Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Tera Aldridge,

I would like to be considered for an insurance customer service representative position at your company Phil Klein Insurance Group. Please find my resume attached to the document for your perusal.

While I do not hold a degree from a university or college, I am a high school graduate and my experience includes many years as an insurance customer service representative. My experience includes providing service to agents and customers in way of helping with policy questions, aiding with any changes that need to be made and offering quotes to potential new customers. I have great communication skills and can handle in person clientele or those who make queries over the phone.

My problem solving skills come in handy when there are times when a supervisor or manager is not available to handle a situation. I am also able to coordinate with any other staff member in order to ensure that all customers are kept happy and have their insurance needs handled in a timely manner. My strong points lie in resolving conflicts and I am able to handle any disputes between customers and the team I am working with in a manner that is suitable to all parties. There would also be no problem with me training new employees to show them the proper way to deal with customers.

I would like the opportunity to speak to you more about your needs for an insurance customer service representative and how I can fulfill them. Please feel free to contact me at any time by calling (012)-345-6789.



John Bayne

Encl: Resume