International Student Advisor Cover Letter

Here is the International Student Advisor Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Herrera,

I am moving to your area and have found your listing in the Boston Globe for an International Student Advisor at your school. I understand the special needs of those students who are not from our country and can assist them with the enrollment process. I have great communication skills which make it easy for me to help them fill out forms particularly when English is not their first language.

I have been working in this niche for nearly seven years now and fully understand all the visa and immigration issues that can be a problem for students. I can also prepare the documents needed for those family members who are planning a visit to the student to see the campus. Work permitting is also something that I excel at.

I know that it can take a great deal of work and paper pushing to get a foreign student enrolled in college. For this reason, I feel that I would be a great advisor for these students as I have a caring nature and want to see them succeed. I can be reached to further discuss my background by calling (012)-345-6789 or by emailing me at [] I would be available for this meeting at your convenience.



Matt Adamson

Encl: Resume