International Trade Cover Letter

Here is the International Trade Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Christine Cody,

I am currently seeking a position in international trade and recently learned of the opening at your company DynCorp International LLC. Attached you will find my resume and references for your consideration, convenience and perusal.

I have a bachelor’s degree in international business and have worked in the industry for over three years. With my experience, I performed international trade analysis according to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), and Customs and Border Protection Regulations. I also processed import and export ruling requests and oversaw all custom filings while working with cross functional teams to support trade management projects. When necessary, I also attended training seminars about import and export regulations in order to stay up to date on all new trade policies and regulations.

This training allowed me to provide support in obtaining necessary licenses and agreements for trading internationally and to also perform trade research and investigations to maintain competitive trade knowledge. When required, I am able to work directly with management and the company’s attorney to approve and finalize all new business proposals and I can respond to all queries related to international trade procedures. I have great verbal and written communication skills and would not have a problem heading meetings when needed.

I would like to have the opportunity to speak with your company’s representative about your needs in international trade and how I can fulfill them. I can be reached at any time by calling (012)-345-6789 and am available at your earliest convenience.



Charlie Bass

Encl: Resume