Journalist Cover Letter

Here is the Journalist Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Ethridge,

I was informed by a colleague that a Journalist position has become available at your publication. I would like to submit my attached resume for your perusal in answer to this opening. My writing skills are exemplary and I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism.

For almost fourteen years I have worked as a writer and as a journalist. I know that it can take strong investigative and written and verbal communication skills to get to the bottom of the issue I am covering. I can easily ask the hard questions and know that I am attacking the issue, not the person supporting it. For this reason, I have become a popular asset to any publication that I have written for.

Most of the newsworthy topics are controversial and I am not afraid of dealing in it. For those stories that are more fluff pieces, I am fully capable of handling them as well and will take on any assignment given me with the same enthusiasm. There is no story too big or too small for me.

A meeting between us would be in order and I can produce some examples of my prior work at this time. Feel free to contact me at (012)-345-6789 or you can send me an email to [] to set up a time for this meeting.


Your Signature

Gary Costantino

Enclosure: Resume