Judicial Assistant Cover Letter

Here is the Judicial Assistant Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Mcgowan,

I am the best choice for your available Judicial Assistant position, and to elucidate I have included my resume, as well as a brief overview below.

I am highly competent in law and looking for an outstanding judge to learn the right way of law from. After having researched many judges in the local law system, as well as sitting in on many cases; I have found that no other judge could help me learn the best way to retain and expand upon the principles I learned in law school than you. This said, I have just graduated from Hartwick College and have many recommendations to offer. I also graduated at the top of my class, in the top five; and have taken a wide range of law topics to ensure that I have all the educational tools I need to be an effective Judicial Assistant.

If you could please review this enclosure, and contact me at (012)-345-6789 in next few weeks; I would be very grateful. I thank you so much for your consideration.


Your Signature

Nancy Lowrey

Enclosure: Resume