Landscape Laborer Cover Letter

Here is the Landscape Laborer Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Martinez,

The landscape laborer position now available at Chesapeake Lawnscapes has really caught my attention. I have spent over 10 years of experience working with my hands and doing landscaping jobs for a small local company. During this time I have acquired many skills that you can only get from hands on experience.

Understanding the directions given by businesses and property owners takes time and talent. Sometimes, they don’t explain things exactly the way they want it to look. In these cases, the landscape laborer needs to have the ability to read between the lines and figure out what the owner wants even when they’re not certain themselves. This is the type of experience I have learned through the years that makes me one of the top applicants for this job.

I’m also proficient with a variety of landscaping tools such as:


RakesSawsPush MowersRiding LawnmowersElectric TrimmersPruning toolsSpreadersSpadesFencing Tools

I have experience maintaining lawns, gardens, mulching, planting fertilizer and dressing up patios and decks. My ability to work efficiently and fast, my good eye for details and the ability to work long hours and stay on schedule could prove to be a huge asset to Chesapeake Lawnscapes. Please give me a call to set up an interview so we can further discuss the details of this position. I can be reached at (012)-345-6789, or by email at []


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Maria Aiken

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