Laundry Attendant Cover Letter

Here is the Laundry Attendant Cover Letter example:

Dear Mrs. Bell,

From your posting on, I am aware that you’re looking for a Laundry Attendant for Doubletree. I am applying today for this position, and have included my resume for your review.

I see the main duties of your Laundry Attendant job includes supervising the laundry facility, cleaning and maintain the machines, refilling laundry products, and keeping the Laundromat operationally clean. I am fully competent to handle all of these tasks, and am highly professional. I have worked in retail for the past four years, and also know my way around a Laundromat. I have great interpersonal skills, am knowledgeable about laundry, and am very organized.

I am available for any shafts that you would like to schedule me for, and I ask that you call me on my cell phone at (012)-345-6789. Thanks for reading this application.


Matthew Rosenthal

Matthew Rosenthal

Resume Attached as MS Word Document