Law Clerk Cover Letter

Here is the Law Clerk Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Stier,

I’m writing today this cover letter with the intent of applying for your Law Clerk position at Quantum Corporation. Please review the enclosed details, as well as my attached resume.

As you will see from my resume, I am a new graduate of Stanford University as of June 2010. I am eager to begin my career in law, and have done much research on various courts and judges in the area. I believe there is no one better served in teaching me justice and the law than you. I have been given much recommendation about how you work, and know, that if given the chance, I could help you in a variety of administrative and assistant responsibilities to make your position easier. I am highly organized, take direction well, and do not take this prestigious role lightly.

Please find my enclosed resume and referrals from professors for review. I will call next week, if it suits you, to schedule a time to speak further. In the meantime, please contact me at (012)-345-6789 if you have any questions. Thanks so much for considering me.



Gary Pollard

Encl: Resume