Library Media Specialist Cover Letter

Here is the Library Media Specialist Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Hill,

I present my resume and cover letter for your position of Library Media Specialist, for the consideration of your hiring team. Please review my enclosed career details.

As an overview, I have over six years experience working in the Library Sciences, as well as a degree in Library Administration and Media. In this time since my accreditation, I have worked as a General Library Assistant, Library Tech, and finally, in my current role as Library Media Specialist for Falmouth Area Library. This is one of the largest libraries in the state, and thus, my responsibility for media and literature has been great. In my career, these roles have carried with them a lot of small to major responsibilities that I would like to discuss in more detail and at more length with you in person.

Please contact me with interest at (012)-345-6789 at your earliest convenience. This way, we can schedule a library tour, and I can fill you in on just what my experience is, and how my skills and experience can benefit your library. Thanks so much for your time and response.


Your Signature

Barbara Jenkins

Enclosure: Resume