Library Technician Cover Letter

Here is the Library Technician Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Daly,

I was pleased to see your recent position for an experienced and enthusiastic Library Technician this past week. To this end, I have enclosed my resume.

Aside from having a degree with honors in Library Technician Science from Dartmouth College, I also have three years experience working in this role. In the past three years at Mcbain Community Library as Library Technician, I have gained solid experience in all aspects of the position that you require from your advertisement. I am well versed in many researched topics, have stellar analytical and organizational skills, and work well with the public as well as part of a team.

I would be very happy to meet with you to learn more about what your expectations and goals are for this position. Would it be possible to schedule a time for next week to do this? I can be reached at (012)-345-6789 and [] at your convenience, and very much look forward to your response. Thanks so much for considering my qualifications for this esteemed position of Library Technician for Marine City Public Library.



Alice Woods

Encl: Resume