Life Coach Cover Letter

Here is the Life Coach Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Jenks,

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to hold the open position of Life Coach with Cypress Independent Living Services.

I have completed a life coaching training program that centered on subjects such as organization behavior, relationships, decision-making and ethical responsibilities. I recently held this position with a group coaching organization, where I gained the experience required to earn my Professional Certified Coach certifications. I have experience helping clients perform self-assessments that will allow them to solve their problems.

I have the skills and abilities to help clients achieve both their professional objectives and their personal goals. This helps them get their life back on track when circumstances have caused them to stray in the wrong direction. I have experience monitoring and evaluating client progress to make sure they continue on the right path. This also allows me to offer extra guidance when needed.

I possess outstanding communication skills that include active listening. This is necessary in order to understand exactly what happened to put the client in their current situation. It is also necessary in order to help clients understand what is going on in their life, so they are more willing to make the changes needed to get back on track.

I also have excellent problem solving skills and the creativity needed to help clients think outside of the box to find the best solution to their problems. I have a genuine concern for the clients, a real desire to help them and I have the flexibility to meet clients on their schedules.

Please call (012)-345-6789 for an interview.


Your Signature

William Taylor

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