Logistics Analyst Cover Letter

Here is the Logistics Analyst Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Gloria Oliver,

I am applying for the Logistics Analyst position that was recently opened at CACI International Inc.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Logistics and have previous experience working with problem solving as an analyst assisting in assessing production issues. In college I also took engineering courses to better perform my future duties. I am well versed in the mathematical side of logistics and can analyze the most complex problems facing any corporation. My strengths lie in statistical software and simulating real life situations to come up with a model to make any company run more efficiently.

I work well in a team setting which is important when dealing with different department heads to come up with a model that works for everyone. It takes a whole team to decide how to solve these problems and I have had no problem in the past getting everyone on board to a new plan. One main issue has always been budgetary issues and in this I excel by showing how small cuts here and there can make all of the difference in the big picture.

I enjoy the challenges of taking a problem and working it out to the end so the company can be more productive and increase their profits. I also take into consideration the needs of the company in areas where there is no room for budgetary cuts. Finding solutions in the most difficult situations is what I thrive on and why I think I would be a great fit in your company.

Thank you for your time, please contact me at (012)-345-6789 so we can set up a meeting.



Susan Chavez

Encl: Resume