Mail Carrier Cover Letter

Here is the Mail Carrier Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. North,

I would like to apply for the Mail Carrier position with ICI Services Corporation and my credentials meet the qualifications in your posting.

I have the ability to sort and bundle mail to prepare it for deliveries and to collect the mail as I make my rounds. I know the area very well so delivering the mail to the right address will not be a problem, even if I have to switch routes occasionally. I am physically able to handle the deliveries and to work the hours it requires. I am also able to work under extreme weather conditions and I have experience driving in heavy rain and snow.

I learn very quickly and I am sure that I can handle all of the responsibilities of this position such as changing addresses, handling special packages and getting signatures when necessary. I have excellent writing skills with the ability to keep accurate records of the deliveries.

I meet all of the requirements needed to hold this position and I can follow all of the laws, rules and regulations associated with being a mail carrier. I have outstanding interpersonal skills, so I can answer questions and socialize casually with customers when necessary.

I have outlined my education and work history in the attached resume. I am sure that I have the skills and abilities needed to fill this position and I am confident that you will see me as a top candidate for this job.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to set up an interview where we can discuss this position in more detail.


Latasha Saladino

Latasha Saladino

Resume Attached as MS Word Document