Major Gifts Officer Cover Letter

Here is the Major Gifts Officer Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Laurie Nguyen,

I am major seeking a position as a gifts officer and have attached my resume for consideration by your company’s Staffing Boutique, Inc. human resources department.

My education includes a bachelor’s degree in business as well as a year’s internship in a fast paced office setting. I also have more than six years of experience after my internship with the same company and this has brought me a great deal of experience in fundraising. It has also aided me with performing as an integrated partner as well as active member of a regional team in order to stimulate donor-centric activities with major donor department accountability.

My tasks also included communicating with the executive and regional directors in order to merge major gifts into a single chapter strategic plan. I was able to identify high prospective donors capable to become portfolio for region along with identifying those prospects who were charitable along with developing apt contacts as well as activity reports utilizing available tools. This included revising and updating all portfolios when necessary through the computer system and updating and implementing new strategies and developing new plans on a regular basis.

When I was given a goals to meet, I always exceeded them and this was done by monitoring donor activities every week and month through face to face visits, personal correspondence, asks and calls etc. This required me to have high communication skills which also enabled me to participate in board meetings as well as events as required.

Please feel free to contact me at any time by calling (012)-345-6789.


Your Signature

Marshall Harrison

Enclosure: Resume