Marketing Representative Cover Letter

Here is the Marketing Representative Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Hodges,

When I saw the posting on your website seeking a Marketing Representative, I was very excited. I am more than qualified for this position, and would love the opportunity to submit this application for your review.

I have been a Marketing Representative for the past five years and in that time, have seen a lot of successes. I have a degree in Marketing and am a great sales person. I have been in charge these last past five years for a department of 15 sales professionals, motivating them, leading them, and helping them better their sales figures. I know with my solid head for business and marketing, my great way with people, and my organizational skills; I would make a fine choice for your open position.

To learn more about what I can offer your marketing team and efforts, please give me a call at (012)-345-6789. We can discuss scheduling an interview and speaking further. Thanks so much for reading through this letter and the attached resume.


Your Signature

Claudia Mejia

Enclosure: Resume