Marketing Strategist Cover Letter

Here is the Marketing Strategist Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Escobar,

I’m submitting this letter in response to the marketing strategist job that just opened up. I have enclosed my resume and would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how my skills and experience could be a benefit to your company.

This summary of my work history will show the value I can bring to Dell Inc and why I’m an excellent choice for this position, I have:

A complete understanding of the marketing industry and how to develop strategies and implement them in such a way as to get the desired results.

Experience conducting keyword analysis and research.The ability to use and implement SEO strategies that get results.The ability to follow all guidelines and adhere to good practices.

I make it a practice to stay updated with current events that are associated with the marketing field. I have a bachelor’s degree in marketing acquired from Huron University and a real desire to flourish in this business.

I believe that it would be beneficial for both of us to meet and further discuss my experience and training to determine what I have to contribute to the team at Dell Inc. Please feel free to send me an email at [] or give me a call at (012)-345-6789 to set up a meeting.


Your Signature

Paul Leonard

Enclosure: Resume