Master Electrician Cover Letter

Here is the Master Electrician Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Sesco,

I would like to show my interest in the master electrician job that will be opening up soon. This is the job that I’ve been working towards for the last six years. I have the training and knowledge to fill this position and to be an esteemed member of the staff at Walter Energy, Inc.

Below is a list of my past experience that highlights my training relevant to this job position:

I have more than five years of experience working as an electrician assistant for a highly reputable and experienced electrician who didn’t mind sharing his knowledge.

My experience includes reading blueprints, installing circuit breakers, panel boards and doing general electrical wiring.I have experience using all tools needed to perform the duties at hand.I received my bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at Black Hills State University and I’m licensed in this field.

Through the years I have worked both residential jobs and for corporations so I have a feel for both types of environments. This type of training can only be learned in the field and I believe it makes me an excellent candidate for this job.

The opportunity to meet with you and talk about what contributions I can make to Walter Energy, Inc would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached by phone at (012)-345-6789, or by email at []


Suzanne Mays

Suzanne Mays

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