Maternity Nurse Cover Letter

Here is the Maternity Nurse Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Hodges,

Upon seeing the advertising for a Maternity Nurse with Mother Frances Hospital, I knew right away that it was the perfect job for me. I am a registered nurse and I currently work as a nurse in a pediatrics office where I have gained lots of experience working with newborns and toddlers. After working with these infants, I decided to pursue a career as a Maternity Nurse, so I completed a midwifery school and I passed my licensing exam, which has prepared me to hold this position.

I have the knowledge to provide patients with general information about the labor pains they are having and to explain what to expect during delivery. I also have the medical skills to check the patient to determine if she is having false or real labor pains.

During the delivery, I can assist the doctor by monitoring the baby’s heartbeat, oxygen levels and by keeping an eye on how the mother is doing. I have the knowledge to prep the patients for delivery and the interpersonal skills to help keep her calm throughout the delivery process.

Once the baby is born, I have the training to clean, weigh and give the baby his or her first general check-up. I also have the training needed to monitor and care of the newborn while in the hospital. I have excellent multi-tasking and problem solving abilities. I can work flexible hours and I know that I have the skills to be a great asset to your hospital.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to arrange an interview.



Debra Dickens

Encl: Resume