Mechanical Assembler Cover Letter

Here is the Mechanical Assembler Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Kelemen,

I’m writing this letter and sending my resume to express my interest in the mechanical assembler position being offered within your company. I believe my skills and training will be valued by your company because they coincide with the qualifications listed for this position.

Some of the value and contributions I can make to Stewart & Stevenson Service are highlighted below, I have:

A general knowledge of the requirements needed to fill this position and four years of hands-on experience working with different types of equipment.

The ability to pay close attention to detail.The basic computer skills needed to run modern equipment.I’m team-orientated with the ability to perform well when working with co-workers and other professionals.

I believe that my professional training has given me the qualifications needed to be a part of the team at Stewart & Stevenson Service. I feel that I have many other attributes not mentioned here that makes me a good choice for this position. These include basic reading and writing skills, technical skills, excellent eyesight and the ability to follow directions to the letter.

I would be grateful for the opportunity to meet with you and discuss what I have to offer your company. Please give me a call at (012)-345-6789, or send me an email at [] to make arrangements.



Mary Hoy

Encl: Resume