Mechanical Drafter Cover Letter

Here is the Mechanical Drafter Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Johnston,

This letter is being written to express the interest I have in the position of mechanical drafter. I have three years of experience working in this field and I’m certain that my qualifications will match what you’re searching for in an employee.

A short recap of my past work history should show what contributions I can make to Aerotek Energy Services. I have experience in the following areas:

Teaching and instructing co-workers to achieve the best results in the least amount of time.

Working with several different types of equipment needed to do the job at hand.Making important decisions and good judgment calls on the spot.Coordinating with other team members to ensure job runs smoothly.Modifying designs when needed to resolve any issue that may arise.

I acquired a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Bob Jones University and have excellent reading comprehension and listening kills. My strong analytic skills and ability to design full-size blueprints will surely be valued by your company.

I believe we could both prosper from an interview in which to discuss my experience in more detail. Please call me at (012)-345-6789 after 2pm weekdays to set up a meeting, or send me an email anytime at []



Roy Anderson

Encl: Resume