Mechanical Maintenance Engineer Cover Letter

Here is the Mechanical Maintenance Engineer Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Michelle Wall,

I am applying for the position of Mechanical Maintenance Engineer available with LyondellBasell Industries.

The enclosed resume has a complete look at my educational background, work history and skills relevant to this position but here is a brief look at what I have to offer your company. My educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering with courses that centered on calculus and differential equations, chemistry and physics along with extensive knowledge of this industry.

My experience includes conducting risk and failure analysis, providing technical support to find ways to make equipment more efficient and reliable and designing and developing components used to update and improve the equipment.

I also have the ability to create a maintenance program that includes a list of the problems most likely to occur with each piece of equipment, along with the preventive measures that can help reduce these risks to extend the life of the machinery.

My personal attributes include excellent communication skills with the ability to maintain a good relationship with co-workers and management, being self-motivated, hard working and possessing the ability to maintain a good attitude when working under pressure due to tight deadlines. They also include strong analytical, problem solving and quantitative skills.

I am known for having the ability to act fast to find a solution to problems as they arise and for getting results and I would like to put my skills and experience to work for your company.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to arrange an interview to discuss this position in person.


Your Signature

Scott Jackson

Enclosure: Resume