Mechanical Technician Cover Letter

Here is the Mechanical Technician Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Bryant,

With reference to your latest advertisement looking for a quality Mechanical Technician, I submit my enclosed resume for your consideration.

You should give me a call to learn more about my career, as I offer not just what you require in your advertisement for education, training, and experience; but even more than this. To specify, you ask that the successful candidate should have three years’ experience working as a Mechanical Technician, and I have six years’ experience. You mention that your ideal candidate should have knowledge of the most basic mechanical software; I know them all, along with a strong capability for design and troubleshooting software programs. Lastly, you ask that your candidate for Mechanical Technician have training in basic tech courses-and I have a full four year degree in Mechanical Technician Applications. What’s more, I am a hard working, team playing, and dedicated employee who takes direction well, but requires little instruction.

I would love to tell you more about my experience as a Mechanical Technician, and I ask that you call me at (012)-345-6789 to schedule a time to do so. Until then, thanks for considering me for this position.


Sarah Oneil

Sarah Oneil

Resume Attached as MS Word Document