Medical Physicist Cover Letter

Here is the Medical Physicist Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Pamela Horton,

I am applying for the position of Medical Physicist with Phoenix Technology Corporation.

I have earned my master’s degree in medical physics, completed a residency-training program and received my diagnostic radiological physics certifications and license to practice, all of which has prepared me for this position. I am looking forward to putting my education and training to work to help make improvements in technology and medical equipment that can help provide better and more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans for patients.

I have extensive knowledge of radiation physics and processing image data and outstanding negotiating and presentational skills, which is important when drafting new policies or when giving lectures. I have the ability to help train technicians on the proper use of the equipment and the protocols they must follow and to help them understand that adhering to all safety guidelines and practices is vital for the safety of the patients.

My personal skills include outstanding communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to work closely with nurses, therapist and other professionals to ensure the safety of the patients by making sure they are protected from overexposure to radiation. I also have the ability to make sure the equipment is functioning properly and to help place the patient in the right position for the best results during test.

I am self-motivated with a real desire to lead clinical research projects that will make a difference in the medical field. Please review my resume to see a complete look at my educational background, training and skills relevant to this position.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to arrange an interview.



Glenn Lohmann

Encl: Resume