Medical Scientist Cover Letter

Here is the Medical Scientist Cover Letter example:

Dear Mrs. Taylor,

I am interested in the position that has recently been vacated at your hospital for a Medical Scientist and I have attached my resume to this document for your perusal. I know that I have the skills and background that would make me a perfect fit for this opening. I would like to submit my name for the purpose of being hired by you.

My education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Technology as well as ten years working in the field. I know it is vital for me to be able offer the proper tests and to double check them for accuracy. My attention to detail makes it difficult for me to submit an incorrect outcome on any test and I work hard to insure that everything that is supposed to be performed has been.

I know that a patient’s future can depend on the results of the work I perform. For this reason, I feel that my abilities and skills would be put to good use by your company. I look forward to the time when we can sit and further discuss my experience and how I would fit into your company. I can be reached by calling (012)-345-6789 or through emailing me at [] to set up a time to meet.


Darlene Perry

Darlene Perry

Resume Attached as MS Word Document