Membership Advisor Cover Letter

Here is the Membership Advisor Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Patricia Wilson,

I am very excited about the position of Membership Advisor with Equinox Holdings, Inc. and my enthusiastic and upbeat personality makes me a great match for this job.

I am computer literate with knowledge of Excel, Word, PowerPoint and a variety of other programs and I have the ability to learn new systems quickly. My skills include provide extraordinary customer service to members and visitors by offering them friendly, knowledgeable service. I am a great conversationalist with the ability to express information clearly, which is very important when talking to potential clients about becoming a member.

My persuasive nature helps to encourage potential clients to become members by explaining all the benefits they can take advantage of once they join, answering any questions they may have and by advising them about which programs would offer them the most benefits.

My skills include the ability to coordinate between the members and management to help keep the facility running smoothly. It also includes advising existing members of their options when they are considering canceling memberships and taking steps to resolve any issues that may be the cause of the cancelation.

I have excellent organizational skills, the ability to maintain detailed records and to handle sign-ups and take membership payments. I also have the ability to explain policies and to enforce all rules and regulations set forth by your organization. These qualities make me a great spokesperson for your organization and I have the ability to help build a good, positive reputation for your business.

Please call (012)-345-6789 for an interview.



Chester Austin

Encl: Resume